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Barn Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Tee

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Tie Dye  – Tie-dyeing was popular with people who opposed the Vietnam War.  During the late 1960s, conservative rules of appearance fell away as many people began to appreciate arts and crafts, simplicity and traditional ways of making things. Tie-dye combined personal creativity and bright designs to create low-cost clothing. Fashionable tie-dyed T-shirts are made by wrapping strings around crumpled shirts and dunking them in vats of dye. Jimi Hendrix and John Sebastian increased the popularity of tie-dye by wearing it on stage, and Janis Joplin was said to sleep on tie-dyed satin sheets. Tie-dye remains a symbol of the 1960’s, and of people who rejected established society, and participated in live music, psychedelic drugs and antiwar marches.